Hotel Reservation System Features

Bookings and Transactions

You will be able to check instantly different statuses such as room status, guest status and housekeeping.

Cancellation and Modification

You will be able to set up cancellation and modification charges by yourself. Guests would be able to modify or cancel their reservation easily without talking to a reservation representative.

Charges and Services

You will be able to define all your hotel services and charges, and add prices into them. Charge your guests to any services they acquired and automatically reflects this to their folio. Optionally, you will be able to upsell your services to your online reservation form.

Customized Room Queuing

You will be able to specify which room and room type should be filled-in first when somebody's booking from the web.

Dynamic Rate Manager

You will be able to define your own rate plan at different dates. Optionally make your rate tax inclusive.

Generate Guest Folio

The system can automatically generate guest folio which includes all transactions and charges of the guest. Additionally, your guests for group bookings will have the option to pay their bill individually or as a group.


Instantly, you can see the status of each room through the housekeeping calendar. An assignment report can be generated to give each housekeeper a customized task list complete with replaceable items. You will be able to send it their email or print it.

Maintenance Block

You will be able to block rooms for a specific date and unblock it back when it's already ready to be occupied.

Offline Bookings

The system can handle walked-in and over-the-phone customers through offline booking and is capable of sending email confirmation to guests. You will also be able to accomodate grouping or sponsorship bookings.

Reservation and Payment

Guests will have the flexibility to choose rooms depending on their availability and directly pay through PayPal, Credit Cards and G-Cash.

Search Result Customization

You will be able to customize the look of the your results page from adding your own logo, changing font size and font family, add background color or background image, or change the color of the buttons.