Your all-in-one ecommerce solution

Introducing KCommerce! It's a complete Ecommerce Solution platform that allows you to share your products across the web.

KCommerce is a Cloud based platform and all-in-one hosted solution for businesses of any size.

According to Nielsen Philippines, "Filipino Internet users are among Asia Pacific's most active in terms of conducting product research, reading consumer reviews and searching for online deals" and it is estimated that online sales grow approximately 10 times the rate of brick and mortars.

Having an online presence benefits your business two folds:

  • Expands your geographical reach to a wider audience. Your local business can become a nationwide or even international seller in a matter of weeks.
  • Keep your store open with automated order and payment processing. It allows your customers 24/7 access to your shop which means sales can be made at any time of the day, during the weekends or even on holidays.

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