Education System Features

It keeps all stakeholders -- parents, teachers and school administrators -- constantly involved and actively participating in all aspects of the student's progress.

Ashima is also integrated into a SCROM certified and an IMS participating Learning Management System.

The Quad (Dashboard)

An overview of what’s happening to your account. Feeds (Recent Activities and Recent Board Post) To Do List for Today Recent Test Anal..


Keep you informed about school related activities, events, etc. New post in your board New comment in your post To do list reminder ..


Communication tool between students, teachers, parents, group mates, sections Student’s Board Teacher’s Board GroupBoard Section Boa..

To Do List

Always keeping track of what needs to be done for the day, for the week, and for the month. Each item is marked done if done. Today’s Hot ..


Assign lessons and activity to student to study in advance. These lessons can have tests. Lessons created by teachers Lessons assign..


Create groups and limit the collaboration between the members of this group Students group Teachers group..


A feature especially created for graders and special children related to the activity. Photo Observation Video Observation Visual Obse..

Calendar of Events

Keep posted of school activities and events of the student General School Events Classroom Events..

Library of Lessons

These are archived of all lessons created by the teacher since system subscription date...