Payroll System Features

Allowances - Deductions

Payroll person can define the allowances for each employee, along with the release schedule of these allowances. Deductions for specific employees can..

Automate Premium Calculation

If holidays are entered into the calendar in payroll settings, premium is automatically calculated. Night differential and overtime is automatically c..

Control Panel & Other Settings

All functions of the system are compiled in Control Panel. User Roles, Users, Import and Export, Company Profile, Payroll Set Up, Employee Set Up and ..

Employee Portal

Employees have their own individual portal where they would be able to see their logs, file overtimes, leaves, and check their payslips...

Employee Settings

Konsum Payroll allows you to create 201 file, payroll information, basic pay and other employee related files...

HR Settings

Human Resource person would be able to create department and positions, employment types, define different type of leaves, approval groups (i.e. leave..

Import Function

Payroll person can upload the 201 file, timesheets, department and positions, approval groups and deductions of your employees in CSV format...

Message Board

Employees will be able to read the announcements through the message board of their employee portal. Approving Heads will be able to optiona..

Payroll Calculation

Payroll person can run payroll from the uploaded timesheets or from the employee’s logs. Timekeeping is automatically generated as well as government ..

Payroll Settings

The heart of the payroll system. Payroll parameters are defined here such as period type, payroll calendar, hours type, work schedule, withholding tax..


Ready to print reports for SSS, PhilHealth, BIR, and Accounting Entry are automatically generated. Export any of these anytime you want...

SMS Notification

We understand that not all employees have email addresses. With that in mind, we added the mobile number as an additional unique identi fier for each ..